Educate Congo has been developed to enable the Congolese in Ireland, and the Irish communities at large to participate in creating educational projects for vulnerable girls, and boys in the Democratic Republic of Congo. This is an effort to provide these children with an opportunity to lead fulfilling lives, and help others in their families and community to do  the same.


Education is vital for a country to develop economically and socially. However; according to recent figures, one in every four Congolese children of primary school age is not enrolled in school. For teenagers this figure rises to two in every five.


In addition to this over 150,000 women and girls have been victims of rape, sexual violence, and around 66,000 children under the age of 14 have HIV. These are some of the painful truths about the Democratic Republic of Congo.


Our hope is that through our efforts, educated children will be mindful of HIV, liberated from toy solider, and placed in a safe environment where they can develop their intellect, life-skills, and ambitions.


By catering for educational needs of the children, we will be able to appeal to the community and support the parents who are suffering from domestic violence and illiteracy.


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