Olivia K. Lomata M Founder 


MPHIL graduate of literary translation and pageant chronicle Miss Congo Ireland 2009. Working with Children in need through literature and dance, she has been greatly moved by a child's dream for a brighter day. This has driven her to pursue an Educational development, in the lives of young children. After travels to Democratic Republic Congo. Olivia has come to witness a beautiful continent where there is so little, but their faith and happiness has never ceased. This has inspired her to believe that young children regardless of the age can always be bigger than they are; in other terms ones dream can never be to big, so hand in hand she's going to take the children of the DRC to guide them in the right direction to fulfil their dreams in whatever the circumstance. "Its not just a foundation- its part of who I AM."

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Registered in Ireland: RCI 20100599

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